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Friday, December 18, 2009

Firefox, Adobe most vulnerable applications

Bangalore: In the last one year, Firefox is reported as the most vulnerable application, whereas holes in Adobe software have also tripled from a year ago, according to statistics.

Qualys, a vulnerability management provider tallied 102 vulnerabilities that were found in Firefox this year, up from 90 last year. The numbers are based on running totals in the National Vulnerability Database.

Wolfgang Kandek, Chief Technology Officer Wolfgang, Qualys said, "However, the high number of vulnerabilities in Firefox doesn't mean that it has the most bugs; it just means that it has the most reported holes. Because the software is open source, all holes are publicly disclosed, whereas proprietary software makers, like Adobe and Microsoft, typically only publicly disclose holes that were found by researchers outside the company, and not ones discovered internally."

This year, Adobe displaced Microsoft from 2nd spot. The number of vulnerabilities increased to 45 from 14 this year, while those in Microsoft software dropped from 44 to 41, according to Qualys. Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Microsoft Office together had 30 vulnerabilities.

"Operating systems have become more stable and harder to attack and that's why attackers are migrating to applications. Adobe is a huge focus for attacks now, around 10 times more than Microsoft Office. However, other widely used targets like Internet Explorer and Firefox are still far from secure," said Kandek.

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