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Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning, not the end. - Aung San Suu Kyi
This has been a landmark year for human rights, but Aung San Suu Kyi reminds us that there is more work to be done. Make your tax-deductible gift by midnight tomorrow.
Dear Dwijendra,

This year, we've seen both victories and challenges in human rights.

Aung San Suu Kyi, an iconic human rights leader in Myanmar, was finally released after spending most of the last 21 years in detention. She sacrificed her own freedom and contact with her family to fight for human rights. Her emotional reunion with her son, who she had not seen in a decade, was a bright moment for all of us. Her inspiring courage and relentless spirit remind us that our actions have the power to change the world for the better.

Donate by Friday to continue the fight for human rights.

Amnesty shines a light on prisoners of conscience worldwide - advocating for the release of those jailed for the peaceful expression of their beliefs or ideas. Allow me to share two recent stories with you:

Distinguished Iranian film director Jafar Panahi was invited to be a judge at Cannes Film Festival this year. Instead, he remained in detention in Iran. His absence was marked by an empty chair placed on the stage for the duration of the festival.

This month, Panahi was convicted of “propaganda against the state” and sentenced to both a 6-year prison term and a 20-year ban on his artistic activities. Amnesty International has joined with Academy Award winners Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), Sean Penn (Milk, Mystic River), and others to condemn his harsh sentence.

Earlier this month, Liu Xiaobo was scheduled to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for his courageous human rights work - instead, he was in a prison cell for calling for reform in China. Despite worldwide outrage, his sentence was not lifted, and at the ceremony his chair also sat empty. Amnesty International members continue to advocate for his release.

These prisoners should be freed immediately, and there should be no more empty chairs where human rights defenders should sit.

Amnesty International is the most successful human rights movement in history, and we'd be honored if you would stand with us and make a year-end gift.

Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Amnesty Calendar - Your gift with monthly donation
Larry Cox   Sincerely,

Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA

PS - Many supporters time their charitable contribution to Amnesty for the end of the year in order to gain a tax deduction. In order to make this year's tax deadline, all gifts must be made by December 31st.
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Congratulations! We're making a difference.

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Awaaz Do
  Dear Dwijendra Sharma,

8 million children in India are out of school not realizing the right to an education. The Government of India is supporting all states in implementing the Right to Education [RTE]. The RTE gives a timeline of 3-5 years for Children like Kaushaliya to be enrolled in quality schools.

Kaushaliya is a young girl who lives in the most economically disadvantaged community of Bihar. Her father, Jakhar Manjii, works on a construction site earning an inadequate wage to meet the family needs. He is unable to feed his wife and 9 children and therefore, in order to survive, the whole family must work. Kaushaliya and her siblings work as labourers loading coal for a transporter.

If it were not for the UNICEF programme in the area, Kaushaliya would have never gone to a school. The programme helps child labourers to go to school.

Kaushaliya attends a bridge school which is helping her catch up academically so that she can join formal school at a later stage. The RTE ensures that children, even older ones, who have missed out on school receive eight years of quality education.

Beaming Kaushaliya says, “Before this, my life was very difficult, I did not have time to even sit and rest. Now I study. I play. I do a lot of things.”

There are 8 million children like Kaushaliya waiting to participate in this essential childhood experience, which is now a fundamental right.

Let’s not keep them waiting anymore.

DONATE NOW! And keep speaking up for the
8 million children out of school!

Donate Now-help every child benefit from RTE

Awaaz Do
    RTE Act mandates age appropriate classes for out of school children.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Dear Dwijendra,

It’s celebration time as Greenpeace India turns 10 this New Year. Before we usher in 2011, a big thank you for making 2010 such a wonderful year. We got a moratorium on the genetically modified Bt brinjal and a nuclear liability bill which ensures the safety of the people this year.

As we wrap up this year and prepare for the new one, we look forward to work on new issues and continue with the old ones too. For this we need your support. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not take financial aid from government bodies or corporate houses. The contribution comes in the form of donations made by individuals like you.

Before we begin this very special New Year we put together something to recap the year that was 2010. 2011 is celebration year and we have already started by giving out limited edition Greenpeace t-shirts to those who contribute. So here’s what you have to do:
First take a look at this 2010 picture story and then get your limited edition Greenpeace t-shirt by making a contribution.
Thanks a billion!

Photo of Swati Mehta
Swati Mehta
Web Editor
Greenpeace India

P.S. Want to support our campaigns? We don't take money from any corporation, government or political party! We never have, and we never will. Do help Greenpeace remain fiercely and proudly independent. Click here to chip in.
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How can I help more?
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Where do I send feedback?
Please send all feedback to ocampaig@greenpeace.org Greenpeace India, #60 Wellington Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025

Add Your Blessing

Ripple Out Your Love
  Goats at Future Victory School 3 4  

Meet Alice Musikule

Alice x 150

Alice was orphaned at age 2, but fortunately for Alice, she found a home at Future Victory School where she now has a family with 320 brothers and sisters.

Alice hopes to become a school teacher and help other children just like her.
Future Victory School in Uganda is one of the projects of Humanity Healing International

Humanity Healing International is project of International Humanities Center,a 501(c)(3) Charitable Trust.
Your donations are tax-deductable.

HH-International banner x 250 3
Ripple Out Your Light
Join Humanity Healing International and add YOUR energy by creating a new future for a displaced child.
“If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”
~Mother Teresa
The Holiday Season is when we are most aware of the Blessings we have.  It is with Gratitude for these myriad Blessings that we often reach out to help others.
There is only ONE Earth.
There is only ONE Humanity.
Many people ask us why we work in Uganda when there is so much need at home.  The simple truth is that no act of compassion, no matter where in the world it takes place, is ever wasted.  We are all connected.  When we help another, we Heal ourselves.
Recently, HHI expanded the Vocational Training Center at Future Victory School to include Livestock Management in the form of goats.
Please donate.  Even a single dollar makes a difference.  Each action we make with a pure heart and pure intention to help another ripples out farther than we imagine.
It takes so little to make such a significant difference in the life of a child.
$5.00 a month can feed a child at Internal Displacement Camps in Northern Uganda.
$35.00 a month can provide food, clothing, health care, and educate an orphan at a school like Future Victory.  $35.00 can also purchase a goat for the Vocational Training Center.
donate3Click the Donate Button to donate directly to HHI.  You can also donate via:
Our Blessing to each of you for a prosperous New Year filled with Joy.  Your participation with Humanity Healing and our outreaches makes these projects possible.  Our Gratitude to each of you.
Much Metta,
Christopher Buck & Liane Legey
Founders, Humanity Healing
Humanity Healing
9947 Hull Street Road, Suite 117
Richmond, VA  23236
Toll Free: (804) 859-3395
Email: contact@humanityhealing.net
9947 Hull Street Road Suite 117 | Richmond, VA 23236 US
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 Victories on Change.org in 2010


Dear Dwijendra,
This was the year our powerfully diverse community hit a tipping point.
Change.org members organized 9,132 campaigns on six continents. Together, we took action nearly 8 million times. A million more people joined our movement. And we're growing more quickly every day.
We didn't just fight. Time and time again, we won. In towns and cities all around the globe, Change.org members saw a way their world could be better, organized for social change, and emerged victorious.
The team at Change.org has watched in amazement at everything this exploding community has accomplished so far. And we can't wait to see what we can do together in the year to come.
To celebrate our successes together, we've created a list of 10 of the most inspiring victories on Change.org in 2010. See the top 5 below, and all 10 here. Then, if you're feeling bold, start your own petition -- your campaign could be on this list in 2011.
Change.org members teamed up with anti-trafficking groups in a massive campaign to get Cragislist to shut down their "adult services" sections, which had become the biggest source of ads for sex trafficking victims in the world. After 11,612 Change.org members signed a petition to founder Craig Newmark and a coordinated campaign published letters of protest from girls formerly sold for sex on the site, Craigslist shut down their U.S. based adult ad pages in September -- leading to a 48% drop in the overall volume of prostitution ads online and shrinking the online commercial sex industry by a projected $37 million this year.
Seth Stambaugh was a 23-year-old education major assigned to student teach a fourth grade class at the Beaverton School District near Portland, Oregon. After a student asked if he was married, Seth replied that because he was gay, it would be illegal for him to wed in the state. Seth was subsequently removed from the classroom when his comment was deemed "inappropriate" by the district. Over the span of the next three weeks, more than 5,000 Change.org members -- many of them parents in the district -- emailed the district's superintendent, demanding that he be allowed to teach - and won. As Seth wrote to Change.org members, "It worked! I am back in my original classroom and am thrilled every day that I get to go there."
You can't kill by lethal injection without sodium thiopental, used to put the victims in a coma before two poisons are administered to kill them. So when the sole American provider ran out of its supply, states like Arizona and California turned to a British company that manufactured the same drug. But Change.org members lobbied British Business Minister Vincent Cable via his personal email address, and successfully compelled him to ban the sale under an old law that forbids the export of "execution equipment" like guillotines. Executions across the U.S. continue to be delayed because of the shortage.
Mary Kate Hallock returned to her home one afternoon to find that Oakland police -- the same force that gunned down eight dogs last year -- had shot and killed her 11-year-old yellow lab in her own backyard. Refusing to wait for another incident, nearly 2,000 Change.org members demanded action to stop the unnecessary shootings. Soon after, the Oakland P.D. announced a partnership with an East Bay animal protection group for a program to train officers in animal handling and behavior. After a rash of animal shootings by police nationwide this year, the Oakland program now serves as a model for other communities.
Twenty-year-old Steve Li, whose parents had brought him to the U.S. from Peru at a young age, didn't even know he was undocumented until immigration authorities showed up at his door, brought him from California to Arizona, and locked him in a detention center. Just before he was to be deported, his classmates at the City College of San Francisco rallied to win his freedom, launching a petition on Change.org targeting Sen. Diane Feinstein and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Hundreds of friends and supporters signed, and the two lawmakers passed a bill specifically delaying Li's deportation. As the DREAM Act -- legislation to give undocumented students brought to the U.S as minors a path to American citizenship -- languished in Congress, friends and family successfully ran campaigns on Change.org again and again this year to free detained students like Li.
See victories 6-10 on our "Top Ten Victories of 2010" list.
Happy New Year!

– The Change.org Team
P.S. spread the word: share our victories on Facebook!

You never gave up

Shine a light on human suffering
I am alive today because you never gave up
With strength and determination, we stand up to the most brutal dictators, corrupt governments, and horrendous human rights abuses. Make your tax-deductible donation to Amnesty by Friday at midnight.
Dear Dwijendra,

Before you bid farewell to 2010 and ring in a brand new year, you can take a simple step that saves lives!

Become a member of Amnesty before midnight on Friday, December 31st, and you can deduct the donation on your 2010 taxes.

Click here to make a secure donation now.

Worried that your gift won't matter? Consider the words of former prisoner of conscience and human rights activist Jenni Williams:
"I am alive today, after many arrests, because you and your fellow Amnesty International members took a stand for me and never gave up.

You mailed letters. You made phone calls. You sent emails. You let the Zimbabwe Republic Police know I have friends all across the globe. That made a huge difference. It caused those police to say,

'Let me not torture them today,
let me not rape them today,
let me not beat them today because it seems they have many friends'

-Jenni Williams, Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
Your tax-deductible donation is urgently needed to make certain we have the resources to fight for the release of prisoners of conscience, ensure justice for victims of violence, end censorship in China, stop violence against women and much more.

Let's shine a light together for human rights. Join Amnesty International today.

Donate by December 31st and your tax-deductible gift will be matched
Larry Cox   Sincerely,
Larry Cox
Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA

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