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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Firms wont hire 6th sem students: Nasscom

Bangalore: Nasscom is directing recruiters to hire students only from eighth semester instead of sixth semester onwards to prevent an adverse impact on their education, reports Sridhar Vivan of Bangalore Mirror.

From this year on, firms are supposed to recruit only engineering students in the eighth semester. Prof Dr M Vijayadev, Head (Placement and Training Department), M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, confirmed this by saying that the companies have been told to do so by Nasscom. "The hiring season has begun in full swing. I can definitely say recession has receded but companies are playing it safe," he said

According to Nasscom, owing to increasing rate of growth of the industry and the high demand for engineers, the recruitment process till now commenced from the sixth semester. As early recruitment could adversely affect the students academically, Nasscom has suggested campus hiring from the eighth semester. Nasscom Chief Som Mittal says, "We believe that in some institutions, the recruitment process gets started as early as in the fifth semester. This has resulted in students having a job offer on hand even though they still have over one year to complete their studies."

However this also brings in a certain degree of complacency, and in some manner impacts the education process. It also inhibits student from taking up post-graduate studies, which has its own cascading impact on quality of research in India.

From the industry perspective as well, companies have to make an estimate of their requirements almost 18-24 months prior to their need. This worked well in past with some degree of certainty of growth, but is increasingly difficult during current economic environment. In many cases, it has also led to joining dates of students getting staggered and deferred.

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