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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Women love mobiles more than men

Melbourne: Many girls are more interested in their mobile phones than their men as a survey revealed. In a survey of 4,000 women living in Australia, carried out by British pawnbroker Borro to know their most treasured possessions, four in every 10 women said they would be lost without their mobiles, but would happily go without a man in their life.

The study claims that besides mother and mobile, women treasured their friends more than their men, reports The Daily Telegraph. Majority of the women surveyed consider their mothers to be their most prized possession followed closely by their photographs and then their mobile phone.

The survey's results showed the changing focus of what is important in many women's lives, said Anne Hollands from Relationship Australia. "I think it fits within the fact that we are very focused on our own lives these days," Hollands added.

Other items which made it to the list of most treasured items in a woman's life were diamond rings, pets, laptops and hair straighteners. As part of the survey, when the women were asked whether they would dump their boyfriends for money, a large chunk said they would consider doing so if offered more than $1 million in cash.

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