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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Generate electricity from sewage water: Courtesy an IITian

Bangalore: Manoj Mandelia, a 23-years old student from IIT-Kharagpur, has created a method to produce electricity from sewage water. "I developed a product which uses the concept of microbial fuel cell, a bio-electrochemical system that drives current by mimicking bacterial interactions found in nature," said Mandelia, reports Bharat Ghai from TopNews.in.

Mandelia's project named Localised Operation of Bio-cells Using Sewage (LOCUS) is able to reduced chemical oxygen demand in sewage water by about 60-80 percent. He explained that LOCUS is a microbial fuel cell which along with sewage treatment systems can treat waste water and also generate electricity. He conducted his tests at the Fermentation Technology Lab of IIT, Kharagpur.

Mandelia is pursuing integrated MTech from the premier institute. The Fermentation Technology Lab of IIT, Kharagpur honored him as a young Indian innovator during its EmTech India Conference earlier in the month.

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