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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Q: Guruji I feel very depressed these days and I want to commit suicide?

Sri Sri : Just relax! and be dead now! shareer ko kyun marte ho (why do you want to kill your body ?) Restlessness is in your mind. By destroying your body you are not going to get anything. Kill the mind, that is there real death you are looking for. If your mind dies you relax. If this does not happen you cannot relax. By destroying your body don't think you will be at peace. You have come to the right place. Killing your body your restlessness remains. Your body is a sacred thing. It belongs to God! What makes you so restless is your desire.
Drop that craving of yours and your mind becomes calm. You want to compete with someone and when you cannot you become restless. All ambitions make you restless. Kill your ambition , throw your ambition out. If you are peaceful from inside you can do anything . aatma hatya karoge tho 400 -500 saal ghoomte rahoge (If you commit suicide you will keep going round and round for 400-500 years !) It is like - when you are feeling cold do you need more blankets or u taking off your clothes will help ???!!!
Suicide is taking off your clothes when u are already feeling cold !!!

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