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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chinese hackers break into India's top secret files

New York: A new report called 'Shadow in the Clouds' by Canadian and American researchers based at the University of Toronto has revealed that a spy operation called 'Shadow Network' based out of China has tapped into top secret files of the Indian government.

Among the systems leaked out could be Shakti, the just introduced advanced artillery combat and control system of the Indian Army and the country's new mobile missile defence system called the Iron Dome, reports PTI. In the investigations conducted over eight months, the report claimed that systematic cyber espionage was carried out from servers located in China that "compromised" government, business, academic and other computer network systems in India.

The report finds that Indian government related entities, both in India and throughout the world, had been thoroughly compromised. These included computers at Indian embassies in Belgium, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, the U.S., Zimbabwe, and the High Commissions of India in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. "These include documents from the Offices of the Dalai Lama and agencies of the Indian national security establishment," the report said.

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