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Friday, April 16, 2010

Infy employees vent anger on HR policies in forums

Bangalore: In the last few months, it has not been smooth ride for Infosys leadership, as the employees of the company are not happy with the new HR issues. These employees have been putting thousands of negative reactions to HR head's blog postings in the company's intranet 'Sparsh'.

Talking to Business Standrad, Nandita Gurjar, who is HR Head at Infosys, said that she receives many negative blogs on daily basis. She said, "We realize that they should not take names and make personal attacks. But sometimes, from their perspective, they are in so much pain that they need your attention and which is why they make personal attacks. You can't react to it, because I don't think they are talking personally about you, as long as they are talking about a position. It's part of the game."

Earlier, these employees used to show their anger on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Later on company provided them blogging platform on its intranet. Now with seeing the number of comments increasing drastically on daily basis, the company has set up a team of six people to moderate the blogs and 'My voice', the dedicated website the company has developed to seek the opinion of employees on important policy matters.

Basically the extremism started after the company launched its new changed management system christened 'iRace', to remap the technology skills of the employees. This initiative, which aimed at "improving the technology depth" of the software professionals, reportedly had affected over 4,000 employees, who felt it was blocking their career growth.

Since iRace was introduced in the company, Gurjar writes blogs and changes topics every Friday. The employees are free to participate and give their comments. Every day, the blog is getting around 30,000 hits.

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