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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How To Please Your Boss !!

Here’s how i see my generation being in a job profile, especially those who have just started a year back,
Always cribbing how work is so different from what they had initially dreamt of.
Thinking that they would change the world someday…….(dream on boy).
How underpaid they are (I guess we all are).
Hoping that the weekend should start on Wednesday.
Or atleast just get the bosses attention….!!!

Need Help!!

Well none of those would ever happen except for the last one…..read on my insecure friend :
# Arrive 3 minutes earlier than your boss.
# Avoid being absent more than twice a month.
# Avoid being late 3 times in a row.
# Try to have a perfect attendance for one whole month! No lates. No undertime.
# Don’t get caught napping.
# Scribble something while on a meeting as though you’ve noted every word he said.
# Nod at least twice in a meeting.
# Greet him in the morning.
# Greet him before going home.
# Greet him on his birthday.
# Minimize grammatical errors in your report.
# Never ever miss your deadline.
# Tell him honestly if you think it’s a bad idea, nobody likes a kiss ass.
# Don’t get caught playing computer games.
# Come up with a brilliant idea once in a while.
# Let him take credit.
# Thank him for his leadership.
# Make a mess of your table so you won’t appear idle and have nothing to do.
# No matter how different some of his ways may appear to you, never lose your respect.
# Appreciate his strengths (everybody has one, you know).
# Have a healthy sense of humor.
# Attend seminars and update him with timely and useful information.
# Help organize the system within your department to minimize bottlenecks and duplication of work performed.
# Share a hobby.
# Be proactive. Furnish him with reference materials he can use.
# Keep him updated with the status of your work. Not so much however as to waste his precious time.
# Be resourceful. Avoid asking unnecessary questions.
# Inspire him to retire early.

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