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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Did we just sentence millions of girls to forced marriage?

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Dear Dwijendra,
House Republicans just blocked a bill that would help stop the practice of child marriage worldwide – putting the lives of millions of young girls around the globe in danger.
The legislation passed unanimously through the Senate, but hours before the vote in the House, Republican operatives circulated a misleading memo to GOP members, arguing that the bill would fund abortions, even though there are no references to abortion or family planning anywhere in the bill.
That misinformation campaign means that the U.S. is standing by while young girls are forced into dangerous marriages until another vote takes place.
Millions of girls are forced into child marriages around the world, often with men more than twice their age. In developing countries girls are especially at risk, from missing out on education to dangerous childbirth at a young age. We have a moral duty to do what we can to protect them.
This legislation would have authorized the President and the Secretary of State to implement programs in developing countries to reduce the rates of child marriage, educate communities, and protect girls against the effects of the practice. It needs to pass. 
Signing the petition sends a message straight to Republican leaders. Add your name now to call for a new vote on this crucial legislation.
Thanks for taking action,
- The Change.org Team

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