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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2,00,000 voices unite for every child's right to education

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2,00,000 voices unite 
for every child’s right to education.
2,00,000 voices unite 
for every child’s right to education.
Well done! Thanks to you, 8 million out-of-school children have found more than 2 lakh Champions to speak up for their rights. Our collective voice has already been heard and it is making a big difference. But we need
more people
 like you speaking up about the Right to Education. On January 25th, UNICEF Representative,
Ms. Karin Hulshof will meet with Honourable Minister for Human Resource Development, Mr. Kapil Sibal to present him with a symbol of the massive support of the Awaaz Do movement. That's why we need more champions now, to show how many people are willing to do their bit to make sure that the right to education becomes a reality for every child in India.

Two lakh people standing up and raising their voice for child
rights is already a huge success. But imagine if each one of
us were to refer at least one friend today, our voice for
children would become twice as loud in an instant.

We must act now! Every one of us! Awaaz Do!
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8 million children need every
bit of your support
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