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Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Dear Dwijendra,
Hope you are having a great New Year. 2010 was a hectic year and 2011 looks like it will be exciting too. This year our aim is to help ensure that development in India takes the sustainable path. Among other things we will continue supporting renewable energy in the country and seeking a reform in the fertiliser policy to make our agriculture chemical free and sustainable.

To accomplish these and many other tasks we need your support. Greenpeace does not take any financial aid from government bodies or corporate houses. The contribution comes in the form of financial support given by individuals like you.

The Greenpeace calenders are here and you can own one by making a contribution. These calendars, printed on recycled paper,  have 12 beautiful images of endangered animals and stunning landscapes which talk about our campaigns. They also have eco-tips to help you green your life. There are very few calendars left, only the first 100 contributors will get one.

Get your Greenpeace calendar by making a contribution now.

Thanks a billion!

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