Monday, February 28, 2011

Shabbo's last chance

Awaaz Do
One last chance Shabbo couldnt let go off
Twelve-year-old Shabbo rediscovered herself at a Residential Bridge
Course that helps out-of-school girls like her make a new
beginning in their lives.

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Dreams shattered even before they could take shape

Till recently Shabbo’s life had been sheer drudgery. The eldest of five sisters, she had to be pulled out of school, barely two months after joining it. Shabbo had to join the other village girls and take up work at a nearby zardozi centre, doing traditional embroidery with gold and silver threads.

The only luxury that she allowed herself once in a while, was to 'steal' a few rupees from her daily earnings and treat herself to golgappas and an ice lolly.

The percentage of girl dropouts is very high in Uttar Pradesh which has nearly a quarter of a million children out of school. UNICEF, in partnership with the Uttar Pradesh Government, has been working to bring girls back to school. But we need your support to make it possible. DONATE NOW

A ray of hope in the dark clouds of despair

Shabbo is one of the many girls who have gained from the Residential Bridge Course initiative. When a field worker came looking for out-of-school girls to be enrolled in a Residential Bridge Course (RBC). Shabbo who had faint, but happy memories of her school days showed an eagerness to join.

“Hum toh zindagi bhar bus kaam hi kartey reh gaey" [I have been working all my life] she explained emotionally.

When she joined the RBC she got a chance to reshape her future and Shabbo welcomed this change with open arms. Thanks to supporters and donors like you. Donate now to bring this change to other children like Shabbo.

She benefitted from the UNICEF devised innovative educational concept to teach out of school girls between the ages of 11-14 years at special residential schools.

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Warm regards,

Shweta Luthra

P.S. Education gave Shabbo a new meaning and direction in life. She knows that life would never be the same again. Donate now to make a similar difference in the lives of thousands of other children who need your support.

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