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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corporate crackdown

Rainforest Action Network
It's time for action. You can make it happen, Dwijendra.
As corporations amass more and more power over our government and all of our lives, how do we stop them from trampling our rights and polluting the air and water we need to survive?

We must be unrelenting, we must be strategic and we must be more brave than we've ever imagined we could be. Now is the time for action.

Last month, four RAN activists chained themselves to Disney's headquarters to shine a light on its forest destruction. Just a week later, six more were arrested bringing attention to the struggle of 30,000 Ecuadoreans living with Chevron's oil disaster in the Amazon.

Why would these courageous men and women risk so much? Because sometimes it takes rappelling off a bridge and unfurling a 50-foot banner to get a corporation to put people's health and the environment first.

RAN's next big action is going to be absolutely awe-inspiring…Do you want to be in on it?

We need you there with us. We need your direct support now to start planning.

You can feed an activist a meal that will fuel them through the grueling physical challenge of a banner action. It only takes $10.

Precision communication is key to pulling off direct actions. Put a mobile phone into the hands of our next action coordinator for $25.

Direct action climbers dangle hundreds of feet over land or water, which means safety comes first. Protect the most vital tool a climber has, their head. Give $50 to buy a safety helmet for a RAN activist during our next big banner hang.

Now if you've got the means and the passion to push Corporate America hard, I'm asking you to go big. Like 80-feet wide kind of big.

Be the funder behind RAN's next massive banner. $500 will get the job done. 

When corporate polluters refuse to stop decimating precious rainforests or blowing up historic mountain ranges, we've got to take action.

YOU can make it happen. Donate today.
Rebecca Tarbotton
For a just and thriving planet,
Rebecca Tarbotton
Executive Director


Rainforest Action Network
221 Pine Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA
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