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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Email Sunil Mittal with one click

Email Sunil Mittal with one click
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Two weeks back, we painted 'Switch off Diesel' across Airtel's headquarters in Gurgaon.[1] They responded and we met the senior management last week. Instead of making a commitment, the company hid behind others in the industry, refusing to take responsibility for its own emissions.[2]

The telecom sector burns environmentally unfriendly diesel to power their mobile network towers. They use subsidised diesel which is not meant for them and causes a loss of Rs 2600 crore to the government.[3] Being the market leader Airtel controls lakhs of mobile towers and enjoys a large part of the subsidised diesel.

Over 62,000 mobile phone users have asked Airtel to switch to renewable energy, which is cleaner and cheaper. [4] The company however showed clear disregard for these demands at the meeting. This is unacceptable from a company which is supposed to provide ‘good service’ to customers. We need to tell Chairman Sunil Mittal to act on these demands.

Email Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal and ask him to act on the demands.

The company responds to pressure as was evident when they agreed to meet us after the activists painted the message on their building. Thousands of emails from current and potential Airtel subscribers will help put pressure on the company to act.

Oil like coal and nuclear is dirty and dangerous energy which harms our environment. Its resourcing and exploration can cause disasters like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in America last year. [5]

Renewable energy is safe and clean, and research done by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change has shown that it can power the world. [6] Tell Airtel Chairman Mittal to switch to renewable now!

Thanks a billion!

Abhishek Pratap,
Climate and Energy Campaigner,
Greenpeace India.
P.S. Want to support our campaigns? We don't take money from any corporation, government or political party! We never have, and we never will. Do help Greenpeace remain fiercely and proudly independent. Click here to chip in.


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