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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's Celebrate RTE
Dear Dwijendra Sharma,
Thanks to you, 8 million out-of-school children have found more than 2.5 lakh champions to speak up for their rights. Our collective voice is being heard and is making a difference.
I am sure you will agree that the right of every child to free, quality education is something that everyone should know about. With your help, UNICEF's Awaaz Do campaign has spread the word about a child's basic right to education.
KPMG is helping us evaluate Awaaz Do campaign to help us better understand where the campaign has been most effective and what can be done better in the future.
As you are an Awaaz Do Champion, we want to understand the role you have played in supporting the campaign and the Right to Education Act, and your experience of being a part of the campaign
We want your feedback. If you can spare 4-5 minutes of your valuable time to fill in our short questionnaire, we will appreciate it very much. Please click the Survey Link for the questionnaire.
Make your voice count for Indian children. Share your feedback with us.

Warm Regards,
Urmila Sarkar
Urmila SarkarChief of EducationUNICEF India

To ensure delivery to inbox, add awaazdo@unicef-india.org to your address book

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