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Friday, October 28, 2011

Stop this nightmare project

Rainforest Action Network
Time is running out on Obama’s Keystone XL decision.
Tar Sands Action
RAN is organizing thousands to show Obama where we stand.
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I’m not going to mince words here. Time is of the essence.

The Alberta tar sands project is a carbon bomb, and the Keystone XL pipeline is the 1700-mile long fuse. Congress doesn’t decide if this nightmare project gets built. President Obama does. And he is making his decision—which is his alone to make—before the end of the year.

RAN needs your support to change just one heart and just one mind—President Obama’s. It’s going to take everything we’ve got over the next few weeks, but we can do it, if we have your help.

Momentum is building throughout the country—from Ohio to Nebraska to California—as Americans visit Obama offices and campaign fundraisers to get the word to the president: STOP THE KEYSTONE XL.

Your generous support today will help mobilize thousands straight to the president’s home. Throngs of North Americans will encircle the White House on November 6 to deliver this critical message, and to convince President Obama to protect people like you and me, to protect our land, and to stand up against the tyranny of oil, just like he promised us.

As you can tell, RAN is up to something huge. And we need huge support to make it happen.

To some of you, huge support means $20, and to others it means $20,000. This action is going to take $30,000 to organize, promote and do the logistical support for November 6 and every dollar counts. 

This day will put President Obama to the ultimate test on his values—Us or Big Oil. I’m asking you to go big right now to help me stop the oil industry right in its tracks, and to help build our clean energy future together.

Are you with me?
For the planet,
Rebecca Tarbotton
Executive Director


Rainforest Action Network
221 Pine Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA
Phone: (415) 398-4404   Fax: (415) 398-2732

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