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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10,000 already 24 hours left

Amazing! over 10,000 messages sent in 48 hours! We just have one day left -- lets double our numbers. Sign and send this to everyone.

Dear friends across India,

Bihar wants to pass a toothless Lokayukta bill. We have just four days to flood the official consultation and get a strong anti-corruption law and set the precedent for others to follow. Send your message to the consultation now:

Sign the petition!   
It's outrageous! Bihar's government is trying to kick Anna Hazare in the teeth by passing a weak Lokayukta bill. We have just four days to flood the official consultation, and keep our anti-corruption movement on track.

CM Nitish Kumar promised to clean up Bihar, yet his anti-corruption bill would enable his government to block prosecutions of his officials, and to punish citizens who make complaints. We can stop this. Kumar cares about his reputation and says he’ll listen to citizens’ comments before finalising the bill -- let’s ensure he hears our call for strong anti-corruption legislation and changes his mind.

Together we can follow up the recent Lokayutka victory in Uttarakhand, and set the right precedent for other states. Let’s now call on Nitish Kumar to pass an anti-corruption law our movement can be proud of. The consultation closes in three days -- let’s all send messages calling for a strong Bill and forward this email so our friends can do the same.


When Nitish Kumar became Bihar Chief Minister in 2005 he clamped down on crime and began to curb the state’s rampant corruption. But Bihar still faces major corruption issues which are holding back its economic progress. We can push Nitish Kumar -- a leader known for his commitment to his people and their welfare -- to pass a law that will cement his state’s progress and pave the way for others to follow.

A few weeks ago Kumar assured Anna Hazare that he’d bring forward a strong Bill in Bihar. But he’s done the opposite -- the bill is just like the Centre’s draft Lokpal, which provoked Anna’s high profile fast in August. The Bill's draconian provisions include punishment, not protection, for whistleblowers, as well as free legal aid to government employees accused of corruption, and government control over who sits on the Lokayutka and which officials they can investigate.

The official consultation ends in three days -- let’s flood it with our messages for a strong Lokayutka, ensuring a great outcome for Bihar and for India. Send your message now, and then forward this email to all your friends and family.


Together we’ve built a massive movement that has brought us closer than ever to ending corruption in India. The clamour for action is growing louder each passing day, forcing politicians of all stripes and at all levels to respond. But our continued vigilance is needed to ensure that the right measures are enacted, then implemented, to bring us forward to a corruption-free India.

With Hope and determination,

Ricken, Alex, Shivendra, Emma, Shibayan, Ben, Antonia and the entire Avaaz team


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Draft Bihar Lokayukta Bill

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