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Thursday, November 24, 2011

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Newsletter - November 2011

November 24, 2011

   In This Issue
   Company News
»24 September 2011, Business Intelligence Conference, Hyderabad More »
   Customer Success Stories
»ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Solution is implemented at a leading Wealth Advisory & Management business group in India, engaged in portfolio management and investment advisory services. More »
»ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Solution is being implemented at the largest Jewellery retail store chain in India. More »
   Case Studies
»ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Implementation for a leading Construction & Infrastructure Development Company in India
This Construction and Infrastructure Development company has an annual revenue of more than $225 million USD, and 2200 employees located in over 50 locations. They developed an in-house ERP system, with built-in reporting capabilities, to manage the construction process. To achieve additional operational and tactical efficiency, and to lower overall operations costs, the company wished to incorporate a business intelligence solution that would be interoperable with the existing platforms, and could be quickly implemented in all offices and on all project sites. This system was to be hosted through their centralized IT infrastructure at their home office. The solution must be simple to use for all business users. ElegantJ BI was integrated with the existing Oracle-based ERP solution to meet the data mining and analysis needs of the users in all company offices and on all site. The organisation used its own resources to deploy the solution in the production environment, and the client successfully reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO). ElegantJ BI enabled the users to understand operational performance, improve the quality of data and reports, reduce the time to generate reports, and leverage an intuitive, self-serve analytical environment to achieve critical insight and better manage corporate performance. 
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   White Papers
»Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions Buy vs. Build
When an enterprise considers the benefits of a Business Intelligence solution, it must anticipate the questions involved in approval of any solution purchase or budget to build a solution. In every enterprise, there is a trade-off consideration. Should the organization spend precious resources, time and money on a BI solution or some other pressing need? If the enterprise management team understand the true value of Business Intelligence, and is sold on the idea of its benefits, the Buy vs. Build question may arise. By considering the issues presented in this white paper, the organization can effectively present a picture of competence, capability and recommendations to ensure that the enterprise remains focused on core business issues and skills and invests its money wisely to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a swift Return on Investment (ROI). 
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»The Competitive Advantage of Business Intelligence (BI) Forecasting and Predictive Analysis
Today, technology and new business intelligence solutions have made it possible for the average enterprise to leverage complex predictive analysis using simple, intuitive tools. Whether the organization needs to understand trends in customer demographics, plan and achieve sales forecasts, predict new product features to improve market share, or plan for financial investments, forecasting can play a critical role in improving the planning and decision process. Predictive analysis is key to the competitive success of an organization, and the enterprise that is privy to clear concise product, customer, sales and market predictions will always have the competitive advantage in its market of choice. 
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   Video Tours
»Analyse Crosstabs data – Performing Slice and Dice, Drill down Drill up and Ranking View Video »
   Our Blog
»I WANT MY OWN BI! How About Your Own Business Intelligence Dashboard!
I’m special! Your job isn’t like mine! I’m not interested in YOUR data! So say the employees and users in your company. But in the midst of all of this personal power, YOU must integrate and report on every job function, department and division. If you want to get the full picture of results and plan appropriately for success, you have to summarize information from disparate sources AND analyze and make decisions. 
More »
»Standalone BI is About as Useful as Rock without Roll – Integration is the Key to Power BI!
This is the age of information. But, without GREAT info you are guessing at strategy. It is REALLY IMPORTANT that everyone have the information they need to accurately and effectively perform.
Business and technology run at light speed. You hire and train resources with the right knowledge to do the job. You organize and execute work using optimized processes and collaborative efforts. You need to get everyone working toward the same goals. If you are anything like me, you EXPECT your users and employees to understand the strategy and manage their work to achieve objectives. 
More »
»The Buck Stops Here...BI Can Alleviate the Pass the Buck Syndrome.. AND Save Bucks at the Same Time!
“All I have to work with are reports that are a month old.” “It’s not my fault. No one told me we were over budget.” “By the time I found out we had missed our quota it was too late to do anything about it.” Excuses, excuses...but they are good ones! If you team doesn’t know what is going on TODAY in their department, division or business unit; if they don’t understand how individual efforts affect the success of the company, you are doomed to buck passing and excuses: the kind you can’t argue with; the kind that damage business results. 
More »
»Need to know Who, What, Where and Why? Ditch the Old Reports and Add Some BI to Your Life!
I can’t take it anymore! I am tired of mountains of reports (none of which make any sense), incorrect, out-of-date info, missing data, and incompetent reporting software and ERP and legacy systems that crank out numbers, words and graphs without meaning! I WANT BIZINTEL! Business Intelligence (BI) is the dream after all, isn’t it? Simple, clear, concise with up-to-date info and stunning graphics that even a dummy, like me, can understand! 
More »
»Small Businesses Can Produce LARGE Results with CPM
OK, so you’re a small business owner or employee. That doesn’t mean you have to DREAM SMALL! You may want to stay small and nimble or grow to the size of a global behemoth. No one gets to tell you how to set your goals or what you can achieve. BUT, if you are going to achieve your unique brand of success, you need to know what’s happening in your business. Are you guessing a lot? Many companies do. You don’t have to be one of those companies anymore! If you’re buried in overwhelming reports with questionable content, I’m here to tell you that those days are over. 
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