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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have you participated in the Occupy movement?


Have you participated in the Occupy movement where you live, by showing up in person?

       Please click here if you have.

If so, you know better than anyone that one of the things many people in the Occupy movement have been calling for is an end to corporate personhood.

As of last Tuesday, for the first time ever, there’s now a bill in Congress that would do just that.  It’s Rep. Jim McGovern’s (D-MA) bill -- H. J. Res. 88 -- containing our Constitutional Amendment, which would both end corporate personhood and make it clear that we the people have the authority to limit what corporations can do (such as by banning corporate spending on campaigns).

We think the Occupy movement will be interested in this, and we’re looking for people who have participated in the movement to help bring our message to others who have also been there.

Are you one of those people?  Can you help us further spread this message?

       Please click here to let us know.

Thanks so much.


- John

John Bonifaz
Free Speech For People
November 22, 2011

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