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Friday, November 4, 2011

The system is crashing

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News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media
News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media 

The Unconquered
The Unconquered

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“So many lives are on the line right now. The system is crashing. It’s crashing economically and it’s crashing ecologically. The stakes are too high right now for us not to make the most of this moment.” —Naomi Klein at Occupy Wall Street

So how do we make the most of this?

This is our moment to be the change, to spur the change, to direct the change...to go beyond the confines of this email and our computers and go out into the world. It’s time to go out into the streets where the powers that be can see us and hear us–where we can not be politely ignored one second longer. Let’s take the fate of this planet back from those who have no business deciding it. Let’s do it together. After all, we don’t call this thing a Network for nothin’!

Table of Contents

    1. The White House. Nov 6. Be There.
    2. Not One More Dollar for Bank of America
    3. Why Rainforest Action Network Stands with the Occupy Movement
    4. Girl Scout Activists Win Brower Youth Award!
    5. Stand with the United Houma Tribe
    6. REVEL 2011 Reportback
    7. Are You on the Twitters?

The White House. Nov 6. Be There.

Action at the White HouseWe are living in the final moments before President Obama makes a decision to approve or reject the construction of the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. On November 6, exactly one year before the election, thousands of us will come together in a phenomenal act.

We will completely encircle the White House in an act of solidarity to convince President Obama to make the right decision to reject the Keystone XL.

Please don’t stay at home this Sunday wondering whether your presence would have made a difference. Come stand with us for clean energy, for human rights, for all of our futures. Sign up now!

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Not One More Dollar for Bank of America

BoA logo jamFed up with Wall Street banks foreclosing on American homes, laying people off, hiking fees, and bankrolling the industries that destroy our planet? Let the execs at Bank of America—the biggest financier of coal in the U.S.—know that you’re going to pull your business from BoA unless they stop destroying communities by funding dirty coal. Too big to fail? We don’t think so!

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Why Rainforest Action Network Stands with the Occupy Movement

RAN at General StrikeWe’ve been getting questions about why an environmental organization concerned with protecting forests, their inhabitants, and our climate would be supportive of a movement calling out the systems and institutions that maintain our country’s wealth and power inequality? Put simply, unchecked corporate power is dangerous and destructive to both people and the planet. Mother Earth is as much a member of the 99% as any one of us. Rainforest Action Network believes the social, economic, and environmental crises sweeping the planet are inter-related symptoms born of the same root causes.

The problems of economic inequity and environmental destruction are inextricably connected. The solutions to these problems are intertwined as well. The key to protecting our environment and protecting each other is the same…the key is us. Read the full post on the Understory.

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Girl Scout Activists Win Brower Youth Award

Girl Scouts headshotCongratulations to activists Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva for winning this year’s prestigious Brower Youth Award! These two fearless Girl Scouts are paving the way to ensure that Girl Scout cookies are free of palm oil that destroys rainforests and endangers orangutans. Watch their inspiring story in this new video by Rikshaw Films.

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Stand with the United Houma Tribe

Gulf VisitLast year, many of you supported RAN in organizing a delegation of Indigenous peoples from Ecuador to share key lessons from their experience fighting Chevron in the Amazon with the United Houma tribe and other Indigenous communities impacted by BP’s tragic oil disaster in the Gulf of Louisiana.

The United Houma are now petitioning the U.S. government to become a federally recognized tribe. If they succeed, the land they live on—land that is still recovering from BP’s oil spill—will be protected from further oil development. So what are BP and other oil giants doing? Lobbying to block the designation.

Please stand with the United Houma tribe in the fight to preserve their land and culture. Sign and share this petition now to reach the Houma’s goal of 25,000 signatures by November 30.

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REVEL 2011 Reportback

REVEL videoRainforest Action Network presented the World Rainforest Awards at our annual gala fundraiser—REVEL. Naomi Klein (fresh from Occupy SF) and The Yes Men were honored with the Challenging Business As Usual and The Art of Activism awards respectively at the stunning California Academy of Sciences. REVEL is always a raucously fun event and this year was no exception! We want to thank all the superstar supporters who came, and Organic Events for making sure they all had such a fabulous time!

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Are You on the Twitters?

TwitterWe’d love to talk with you about all this, and Twitter’s a great place to do it. You can tweet us every day @RAN. When we’re busy hanging banners off the side of buildings or bridges, you can get minute to minute updates and ask questions @RANActions, where we also post our online actions. If you’d like to drill down on one of our specific issues, follow the Energy & Finance team @DirtyEnergy, the Rainforest Free Paper campaign @TheRightPaper and RAN’s Agribusiness team @ProbWithPalmOil, and our Chevron ass kickers @ChangeChevron.

Facebookers don’t fret, we’ve got you covered too! Just LIKE us at facebook.com/rainforestactionnetwork and tell us what you think.
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