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  Social eLearning Newsletter - TOPYX Topics
November 2011

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Why the Real Power of eLearning is Social Learning
social learning Jodi 21Oct squareeLearning has been with us in one form or another for at least the past 50 years, maybe longer.
Probably the first player on the enterprise eLearning block was the University of Illinois' PLATO learning management system, built in 1960 to deliver training through user terminals. Some would argue that quite a few of today's LMS offerings haven't advanced a great deal from PLATO. They serve up content and track activity. There is a better way – Social Learning.

The question is this:

Where do current ideas about eLearning fit into the 'new world' of work and in the new world of building workforce capability in the 21st century?

Infographic: Technology Enhances Learning
Today’s students are technologically savvy and spend hours a day online. This infographic from Socrato illustrates teachers’ responses after being asked to gauge the effectiveness of various forms of education materials….might the same apply to instructors and employees within corporate/enterprise settings as well?
Technology such as TOPYX and TOPYX Bolt can assist in the future development of training, e-learning, and social learning whether as an individual social learning platform via TOPYX or as a part of your existing learning management system (LMS) with TOPYX Bolt in any enterprise, academic or institutional environment.

All Organizations Are Social, But Few Are Social Organizations


Recently Anthony Bradley and Mark McDonald at the Harvard Business Review had an interesting blog looking at making use of “social” in organizations. But there is a crucial third dimension to organizational effectiveness. We see this when people get things done by working in the so-called "white space" in the organizational structure, or by working across the "seams" of a business process. In their ways of working and connecting with each other, they do more than just what they are told top-down and more than what is defined as their job. This is the social dimension.
Every organization has a social dimension. The challenge is that the social dimension is not accurately reflected in either the organization's hierarchy or its process flow. For years, social systems were described not as valuable systems to tap into, but as limits on innovation and change. We gave these systems names like culture.
But what if leaders could create a future where customers, associates and suppliers are no longer seen as objects in the system but as valued sources of innovation, ideas and energy? What if they could truly tap into the creativity, knowledge and experience of their organization's people? What could possibly enable such a transformation?
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Why the Real Power of eLearning is Social Learning
Infographic: Technology Enhances Learning
All Organizations Are Social, But Few Are Social Organizations
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