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Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't censor India's Internet

Stop the Government from censoring online speech on Facebook and Twitter
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Your Facebook updates and photographs could be screened and censored before you could share them with your friends.
This is a part of the new restrictions proposed by Kapil Sibal, the Hon'ble Minister for Communication and Information Technology. The proposal would potentially let the Government pre-censor everything you share on the Internet, including websites like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
Ritesh, a student from IIT Kharagpur, thinks this is a violation of freedom of online speech and needs to be stopped right now before it gains momentum. He started a petition on Change.org calling on Minister Kapil Sibal to drop the idea of censoring what Indians put on the Internet. 
Hundreds of people have signed Ritesh's petition within hours. Thousands of celebrities and other public figures, like Kabir Bedi, Gul Panang, Shobha De, and Shekhar Kapur, have voiced concerns about the proposal. They have all said that our freedom of speech has to be protected, and not restricted.
The suggested new restrictions could be a serious threat to the right to free speech under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution. Every Facebook update, picture uploaded, or message tweeted would be monitored and at risk of being censored if the government finds it objectionable.
Click here to join Ritesh and sign his petition to tell Sh. Kapil Sibal to drop the idea of monitoring user content. You will help flood the Telecom Minister's inbox with emails that he can't censor.
Thanks for taking action on this,
- Surendran, Tamseel, Deepa and the Change.org team

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