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Friday, December 2, 2011

Goodbye, Abby Wombach

Tell the US Soccer Federation: Don't shut down Women's Professional Soccer
Sign the Petition
The Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) league -- home to World Cup stars like Hope Solo and Abby Wombach -- could be completely disbanded. Change.org members and fans around the country have just 4 days to save it.
The US Soccer Federation, the governing body for the sport in America, is planning to withdraw it's top accreditation from the league for having fewer than 6 teams (two recently shut down because of financial hardship during the recession, though expansion is expected next year).
If US Soccer strips the WPS of its "Division 1" status, the league loses key support and credibility, almost undoubtedly leading to full collapse.
Alex Sahlen, a defender for the Western New York Flash, is feverishly trying to save her sport, and her petition on Change.org has already attracted 10,000 signatures. But with US Soccer making a final decision on December 5th, there are just days remaining to amp up the pressure.
US Soccer's stated mission is to "make soccer a preeminent sport in the United States," so they are very sensitive to public opinion. If 20,000 of us stand with Alex, we can make sure the governing body knows that a key part of that goal is making sure that women's soccer thrives.
Abby, Hope, Alex, and the players, coaches, and owners of the WPS know that building a women's sports league during a recession is an uphill climb. But the fan base is slowly building, and new TV contracts may be on the way. The league could still fail, but it's up to you to help give them a fighting chance.
Click here to sign Alex's petition to save the Women's Professional Soccer league:
- Shelby Knox and the Change.org team
P.S. Thousands of people are changing the world through petitions on Change.org every week. Here are some that need your support now:
  1. D.C. college student Katie Breslin is petitioning to get Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) kits and trained staff in every D.C. hospital so no sexual assault survivor is turned away without treatment.
  2. Grey2K is petitioning Skechers not to air a new commercial filmed at the the Tuscon Greyhound Park, which has a long record of dog abuse.
  3. Two men in Cameroon were just sentenced to five years in prison for the "crime" of being gay. Now petition starter Stephane Koche is asking Cameroon’s president to drop the charges and let the men go free.
  4. At one school in Massachusetts, students have to carry neon cards in the lunchroom to receive their free or reduced price lunch. Jennifer Kalvinek's daughter is being bullied for carrying her card, so she started a campaign to get the school to implement a better system.
  5. Leslianne Bouchard is a disabled teacher in California who qualifies for a program to help save her home from foreclosure -- but First Mortgage Corporation refuses to let that happen. Leslianne's daughter is fighting the bank to let her mom keep her home.

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