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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jive to ipaidabribe.com's first anti-corruption song

December 2011

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Rock the world against graft with ipaidabribe.com’s first anti-corruption song

Say no and fight but don’t pay the price! With a strong anti-graft message urging citizens to fight against corruption, ipaidabribe.com launches its first anti-corruption song 
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ipaidabribe.com and UN agencies’ collaborative ‘ACT’ against corruption
Citizens across the globe are making evident their discontent as huge public outcry and civil society activism occupy centrestage in their battle against corruption. Amidst this rising citizen fervour, 'ipaidabribe and UN agencies (UNDP, UNODC and UNMC) collaborate against graft with their ‘Against Corruption Today (ACT) campaign’
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Fast Answers

Trade in the dollars 

Image courtesy:
Globalization has given way to new markets and opportunities. With an increase in trans-national trade, business beyond borders has gained momentum. Here is an insight into the different procedural formalities for engaging in global trade.
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When chargesheeted by the police
Image courtesy:
Ravi Karandeekar, flickr
Investigation of cases by the police is quite intimidating. Further, lack of knowledge of the process often gives our authorities an upper hand while individuals face the heat feeling helpless and harassed. What you must know about the investigation process.
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Drive beyond borders

Image courtesy:
Leo Reynolds, Flickr
The process of obtaining a license is quite an arduous journey as many would agree. Getting an international driving license is no exception. Knowing the procedures and documents required to get one simplifies the process, and helps you get past the numerous agents and mediators. Here’s how 
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Rising collections, plummeting integrity: Bribe report analysis

A total of 105 bribes have been reported between December 1 and December 14 on ipaidabribe.com. The reports indicate that the cities down south top the bribe chart with 40 bribes reported in Bangalore and 9 in Chennai, followed by New Delhi and Mumbai that have 7 reports each. However, the magnitude of corruption is high in New Delhi as the bribe amount collected across various civic departments stands at Rs 1,311,000. As these reports highlight the dynamics of bribe count to the bribe amount, what are the other emerging bribe patterns? What are the corruption dynamics between other cities? How well does your city fare in the bribe meter? 

Do you have a bribe story to share? Add your report now: 

http://www.ipaidabribe.com/sforms/register/complaints and help us advocate with the government for a systemic change. 


Chinese whispers: Bribe victims tell all 

Wire the bribe

I recently received a call from an income tax official. He told me that he was the caseworker of my Income Tax Refund, and that I was required to provide some documents as proof before he could pass my refund order
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Seal in the bribe
I was asked to pay a bribe of $80 to carry my touchpad. When I told him that I don’t have money, the customs officer asked me to pay at least $50. However the highlight was 
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Featured blogs

The panacea for corruption
Image courtesy:
Ramesh Lalwani,
India has ranked 95th in the Corruption Perception Index, 2011, making the case stronger for tougher anti-corruption enforcements and reforms. Perhaps, multi-level and multi-institutional reforms are an important and necessary step toward regulating, monitoring and eliminating corruption in any society especially in a democracy 
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UNcanning the UNCAC 2005

Image courtesy:
In May this year, India finally ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). This was seen as a catalyst in furthering India’s efforts towards fighting corruption. However, it is important to understand its various provisions and relevance to India’s corruption scenario 
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Thank you,
ipaidabribe.com Team

Mission Statement: Janaagraha , a not-for-profit organisation works towards improving the quality of life in urban India through citizen participation. Ipaidabribe.com is its anti-corruption initiative. It aims to harness the collective energy of citizens by crowdsourcing reports of bribery. Using these reports it advocates with the government to reduce the scope of corruption in their systems.

We value you suggestions and feedback. You can write to us at http://ipaidabribe.com/contact

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