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Thursday, December 1, 2011

London Olympics Supporting Bhopal Disaster

Tell London 2012 Olympics Committee to drop sponsor responsible for toxic catastrophe
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In 1984, an industrial plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, leaked 27 tons of toxic gas. More than 15,000 people in the local area were killed and half a million exposed -- making it one of the world’s worst industrial catastrophes.

On the eve of the 27th anniversary, the situation remains a humanitarian and environmental crisis. The company now in charge of the site has been accused of neglecting their duties to clean up the area, continuing to place thousands of lives at risk. That company is Dow Chemical - a major partner of the London 2012 Olympics.

Lorraine Close is a nurse from London who lived and worked with those affected by the disaster in the Bhopal community. After hearing that Dow Chemical were sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics she was so appalled that she set up a petition on Change.org calling on the London Olympics Committee to drop Dow as partners for the games. Click here to add your name to Lorraine’s petition.

The people in Bhopal have lost their family members and watched their children be born with horrendous congenital birth defects. They’ve endured years of suffering, long court battles, injustice and a lack of recognition from the company responsible for their suffering. Instead of addressing this, Dow Chemical are pouring their money into Olympics sponsorship.

Not only have they partnered with the London Olympics Organising Committee (LOCOG) but they’ve been given exclusive advertising rights in re turn for providing a banner advertisement around the London Olympic Stadium.

The organisers of the Olympic Games claim that they are committed to organising a sustainable and environmentally friendly event, that’s why Lorraine thinks it’s unacceptable for Dow Chemical to be partners of the London 2012 Olympic Games. And she’s not alone. A broad group of politicians and athletes from the UK and India are coming together to cry foul at Dow’s sponsorship.

Join Lorraine and stand up for the people of Bhopal - tell the London Olympic Organising Committee to drop Dow as London 2012 sponsors.

Lorraine is a firm believer in the power of small groups to create big change -- exactly what we see on Change.org every day as thousands of people start campaigns for social change. As Lorraine says: "Living amongst the people in Bhopal taught me that the power of the human voice can be heard. I watched them rally, and fight and refuse to accept what they have been dealt by those who hold power. That's why I started this petition on Change.org, because we should all use our voices to fight for what's ri ght."

Thanks for being part of this,

Tamseel, Surendran, Deepa, and the Change.org team.

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