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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tell Macy's: Don't sell gold mined by children

Macy's should stop selling gold that exploits children and the environment this holiday season
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Macy’s has a great deal this holiday season on an 18 karat gold heart-shaped necklace for children -- for just $116.
Why is gold at Macy’s so cheap? Because the true cost is paid by exploited children and communities who are forced to mine it in atrocious conditions around the world.
Macy’s is one of the few remaining jewelry retailers in the U.S. that still sells "dirty gold" -- and Nilton Deza wants it to stop. Nilton is from Cajamarca, Peru, a major gold mining region, and has seen firsthand the destruction irresponsible gold mining wreaks on communities.
Right now, Nilton is fighting to stop several gold mines from being constructed in Cajamarca. If he loses, the surrounding environment will be ruined, and his friends and family will be exploited.
When left unchecked, large gold mines rip up natural resources and dump hundreds of pounds of toxic mercury into the earth. Whole communities are displaced and children are even pulled out of local schools to work in the mines for little or no pay. Macy’s then takes that gold and turns it into jewelry to be worn by children in America.
The holiday season is Macy’s busiest. More people are paying attention to Macy’s now than at any other time -- and the last thing the company wants is people learning about how it hasn’t committed to stop selling gold mined by children. If enough people sign Nilton’s petition, Macy’s will relent on using dirty gold in its stores.
Please sign Nilton’s petition on Change.org asking Macy’s to stop selling dirty gold this holiday season:
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Amanda and the Change.org team

P.S. Hundreds of petitions are started on Change.org everyday. Here are some that need your support now:

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