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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Urgent - last hours to save our Lokpal!

Dear friends across India,

Last night, Lok Sabha disregarded our public outcry and passed a toothless Lokpal Bill. Today it’s Rajya Sabha’s turn to vote, and our massive pressure now is the only chance to right Lok Sabha’s wrong by passing a robust, amended bill. Let's flood the offices of major MPs and party leaders with phone calls now:

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It’s outrageous -- last night, Lok Sabha disregarded the public outcry and passed a toothless Lokpal bill. Today it’s Rajya Sabha’s turn to vote, and our massive pressure now is the only chance to right Lok Sabha’s wrong by passing a robust, amended bill.

Anti-corruption campaigners are outraged by MPs’ thoughtless betrayal -- but we still have a real fighting chance to pass a strong Lokpal. Unlike Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha has true champions for the bill who can introduce crucial amendments to ensure its independence and broad scope. Now it’s up to us to give these champions the public backing they need to push through these amendments and stand up to powerful blockers.

Session begins in a few hours - we have no time to lose! Let's flood the offices of major MPs and party leaders with phone calls now -- we'll also update the media about the number of emergency calls we make and amplify our impact. Click here to call and get tips on what to say:


Our pressure is having an impact -- last week, we bombarded key MPs and party leaders with over 19,000 fax messages calling for a strong Lokpal, and media and government insiders said MPs were rattled and some reconsidered their positions. Now let's use these next crucial hours to keep pushing until we finally win the vote:


These past few months, Indians have shown again and again how resilient people power can face down even the toughest vested interests. We’re so close to the finish line – let’s unite at this final hour and make sure that 2011 will be remembered not only as the year people power fought back, but the year people power won.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Shibayan, Shivendra, Jamie, Stephanie, Diego, Benjamin and the whole Avaaz team


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