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Monday, January 23, 2012

BIG VICTORY! Re: Lesbian Torture Clinics

"After ten years of outcry, the nation of Ecuador -- through the Ministry of Public Health -- has entered into a commitment with civic organizations, and society in general, to deconstruct the belief that homosexuality is an illness and root out the use of torture in these clinics. We extend our thanks to all the men and women who signed our petition -- it's been an invaluable support in starting to change this reality." - petition creator, Fundacion Causana
This is the beginning of the end -- the end of women suffering physical and emotional abuse (and even torture and sexual assault) in Ecuadorian clinics trying to "cure" them of being lesbians.
All around Ecuador, countless women were being held against their will in hundreds of these so-called clinics. For ten years, a group of brave women in Ecuador who call themselves Fundacion Causana tracked down survivors, documenting their stories and bringing them to light. But the situation wasn’t changing.
Then, something incredible happened. A petition that Fundacion Causana had started on Change.org calling on the Ministry of Health to take action was signed by more than 113,000 people around the world. Suddenly, officials were ready to meet with Fundacion Causana and take responsibility for the violence against women and LGBT Ecuadorians happening on their watch. 
Now, the Ecuadorian government is working hand in hand with Fundacion Causana to eradicate these clinics from Ecuador, free the women trapped there, and run a national public awareness campaign to fight homophobia.
Sometimes, it takes a decade of fearless commitment before starting a petition on Change.org tips the balance. Sometimes, a movement is sparked by one person starting a petition. But almost everyday now, there’s a victory.
Change.org’s mission is simple: to empower anyone, anywhere to start, join and win campaigns for social change. We’re excited to help you win your own campaign -- the first step is to start a petition. Just click here to get started.
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Patrick and the Change.org team

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