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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chevron found guilty… Again

Rainforest Action Network
Help Chevron come up with its next absurd excuse
Help Chevron come up with its next absurd excuse
A court of appeals in Ecuador has upheld the $18 billion ruling of a lower court, confirming what 30,000 Ecuadoreans suffering from Chevron’s oil pollution in the Amazon and activists the world over have known for decades: Chevron is guilty.

There is no question of Chevron’s responsibility for dumping some 18 billion gallons of toxic oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon. The only question, at this point, is what ludicrous talking point Chevron will roll out this time to explain away its refusal to pay to clean up its mess.

Chevron spokespeople have claimed that oil is no more toxic than women’s makeup and that just because their company bought Texaco in 2001 doesn’t mean Chevron has to clean up its mess. They have vowed to fight against paying to clean up until hell freezes over, and then to “fight it out on the ice.” It’s clear the company could use a little help in crafting its excuses. Why don’t you help Chevron out by coming up with the next absurd talking point to justify putting profits before people?

The real reason Chevron won’t take responsibility for its mess in Ecuador is, of course, unbridled greed. And a complete disregard for human life. More than 1,400 Ecuadoreans have died from Chevron’s oil pollution in the Amazon, but it’s all about money for the Big Oil behemoth.

Everyone from oil industry analysts to Chevron shareholders are calling on the company to rethink its endless litigation strategy in Ecuador. What excuse can the company possibly come up with this time for refusing to clean up its mess? Why not help them out. Go to this page, pick your favorite Chevron spokesperson, enter your ludicrous excuse, and we’ll post it to our "Excuse Gallery" on ChevronThinksWereStupid.org.

Ginger Cassady
For a cleaner future,
Ginger Cassady
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