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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A great way to start the year

Amnesty International
You sure know how to ring in a New Year!

It began with December's Global Write for Rights Write-a-thon. Tens of thousands of committed volunteers pledged an amazing 265,000 letters demanding basic human rights for individuals at risk. Your words are already shaking loose the shackles of injustice -- Jabbar Savalan, an Azerbaijani student and Write for Rights case whose Facebook post landed him in prison, has been released!

And seconds before midnight on Dec. 31, we reached our crescendo. Supporters like you made more than 55,000 donations to Amnesty International USA!

I'd like to take a moment and just say -- wow! And there's even more good news.

Thousands of you joined Amnesty or became Partners of Conscience monthly donors for the first time. Together we are a force for good growing stronger every day.

You are generous. You are passionate. You are the defenders of humanity. I couldn't be more grateful that you are a part of this human rights movement.

Thank you so much for your commitment and support. I wish you and yours a peaceful and Happy New Year.


Curt Goering
Chief Operating Officer


Thank you for your support!

Jabbar Savalan is free thanks to the dedication of human rights activists like you.

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