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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Internet Censorship -- What Next ?

 wanted to update you on the Internet Censorship campaign that you signed:  Last week the issue moved to the courts. The Delhi High Court said “Like China, we will block all such websites”, regarding web services that do not take down “offensive” content. 
We can’t let this happen in India -- the Internet is the last truly democratic space where we can express and share our opinions through blogs and social networks.
What should we do to protect our online freedom and right to information?
We have a few ideas but we want to hear from you. So we’ve started an online discussion to take this campaign further.
Here’s the link to a collaborative Google Doc where we can put down our ideas and work together to ensure a free internethttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1R524n52Ut61OJ0lam9wIjNSNAgi3edmdVZ0KNo246nw/edit
It’s not just India, but across the world authorities are trying to control the Internet and people’s access to information. China has been very successful and it’s almost impossible to say anything against the government or protest corruption online.
The most encouraging news is that we are not alone - some of the biggest web services (like Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, Mozilla and Wordpress among others) are going to be shutting down today (Jan 18th) to protest proposed government control over the Internet. 
Looking forward to organizing an amazing campaign to save the Internet with you.
Thanks for helping,
Surendran and the Change.org team
PS: If your friends have not yet signed the petition do share it with them so that we can build up the numbers of people against Internet censorship

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