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Friday, January 6, 2012

Keenan & Reuben

Help bring criminals who killed Keenan and Reuban to justice and demand strong laws against sexual harassment
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Not long ago, Keenan and Reuben were having dinner in Mumbai. It seemed like any other night, filled with good food, friends and cricket. But within hours of finishing their meal, they lay dying on the sidewalk after being stabbed over and over again.
This wasn’t just senseless violence. Keenan and Reuben lost their lives for standing up against sexual assault. They were murdered by the same men who were intent on sexually assaulting their friend.
Keenan & Reuben lost a bright future. It is in their name that I ask you, local and national leaders to ensure a non-bailable jail offence for the men who killed my brother and my friend. We need to track such events which take place in India everyday, we need to ensure mechanisms for proper implementation of the laws and make India a safer country for women.”  - Benjamin Fernandez (witness, victim and Reuben’s brother)
Aisha Zakira has started this urgent Change.org petition calling for justice -- and together with friends and family of the victims, she’s calling on the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to ensure strong steps are taken topunish those who sexually harass women and to introduce laws to curb sexual harassment in India
Thanks for taking action,
Tamseel and the Change.org team

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