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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Momentum everywhere you look.


Everywhere you turn, people are talking about overturning Citizens United and ending corporate personhood.

Part of the reason is that the 2nd anniversary of the Citizens United decision is coming up this weekend.  To mark that anniversary, and to help make sure real people’s voices can be heard above the din of corporate political advertising, people are getting together at hundreds of events, happening all this week, in cities and towns everywhere.

But the anniversary is just one reason why everyone is talking about our issue today. More importantly, we have momentum with us, with people everywhere waking up to the drastic situation facing America, now that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the outcome of our elections.

Here are the latest highlights:
  • Comedian Stephen Colbert has set up a mock campaign for the Republican nomination for President, complete with a mock Super PAC, which has just released a new ad attacking Mitt Romney as a serial killer of corporate persons. Watch the ad here.
  • Real attack ads, almost certainly funded by corporations, are leading to the rapid destruction of one Presidential campaign after another.  As we said recently in a widely-published AP story: "By spending millions and millions of dollars without any form of accountability, super PACs are now capable of completely changing the dynamic of our elections, shifting even more power to a wealthy elite and away from the voting public."
  • Republican Senator and former Presidential nominee John McCain shared his take on Citizens United with David Letterman and the country on Thursday night.  Here’s what he said (you can watch the video here, beginning at the 7:35 mark):
“For a moment of dead seriousness, thanks to the United States Supreme Court, there was a decision called Citizens United.  And basically what they did is they unleashed the floodgates of money.  We can now get 10 people together, each of them give $10 million, which they can do now, and you'd have $100 million in the campaign. By 10 people.

“This nation and this political system is awash in money.  There is going to be a scandal, and there will be scandals.  The effect of all this, unfortunately, leads to the cynicism and the frustration of the American people, and their lack of confidence in the system.  It’s got to change, and it will only change, unfortunately, until [sic] there is some major scandal.

“The United States Supreme Court showed a degree of ignorance and naivety that I found astonishing.  I went over with my friend Russ Feingold and watched the debates.  In all due respect to our United States Supreme Court, they didn’t have a clue about what a political campaign is all about.

“And I'm sorry about that.”
  • Montana’s Supreme Court recently defied the U.S. Supreme Court over Citizens United, forcing America’s top court and the country to confront the issue again, as we described to you last week.  We encourage you to take the issue to the Presidential candidates, by asking them questions about it.  Our suggested questions are here.
Like we said, there’s momentum for ending corporate personhood and overturning Citizens United everywhere you turn these days.

Please help keep up the pressure on our elected officials to do something about it, by attending an event marking the anniversary of Citizens United this week.  Click here to find the event nearest you.

We have an amazing opportunity to make a difference together right now.   Thanks so much for being with us.


- John

John Bonifaz, Executive Director
Free Speech For People
Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

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