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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have something really important for you to do. Please forward the email below to at least ten of your friends and ask them to become citizens of the Republic of Junglistan like you.
Watch the video below and help gather more support for the forests.
Thanks a billion!
Abhay Deol

Dear friend,
On board a hot-air balloon, I looked down upon the beautiful forests of Mahan in Madhya Pradesh. A breathtaking sight indeed, but the fact that coal mining threatens to destroy these forests made it disheartening as well.
These forests will become a victim of government and corporate greed to extract more coal. Leopards, bears and other wildlife living here will be lost. Air and water will be polluted and lots of people will be left without a livelihood.
Agreed, we need electricity and research has shown that we can get it through renewable energy sources. [1] We still have a choice, the choice of telling our leaders to stop coal mining in our forests. I have become a citizen of the virtual Republic of Junglistan to show my support for the forests. Now it’s your turn.
Watch this video and then become a citizen of the Republic of Junglistan to support the forests because they are valuable and need to be saved from coal mining.
Greenpeace India has already collected over one lakh signatures on this petition. They met coal minister Sriprakash Jaiswal, and told him to stop asking for more forests for mining coal. More support will only strengthen this movement.
By being passive we will only help the government and the business groups to go ahead with their plan of destroying forests. They need to be told that millions of people in this country support sustainable energy and forests.
Tell them now. Support the forests.
Thanks a billion!
Picture of Abhay Deol
Abhay Deol
PS: Greenpeace is an independent organisation funded by individuals like you. To strengthen the forest campaign we need to build a broad support in a very short time. You can make a contribution as low as Rs 500 to help this work. Your contribution will help further the struggle to save our forests. You will also get a must-have Junglistan badge as a thank you for your contribution. Click here to chip in.


  1. Renewable energy can power the world, says landmark IPCC study, The Guardian, May 9 2011
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