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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The year of Dwijendra

In 2011, people like you proved the potential of people-powered organizing. In 2012, we're going all-in to make you, Dwijendra, more powerful than ever.

Soon, Change.org will be available in 50 languages, so that anyone, anywhere, can start and win campaigns for change. We're hiring expert organizers in 24 countries to provide crucial support to promising campaigns. We're quadrupling our press team, so that your petition can capture the attention of local and global news media. And we're investing $10 million to create the world's best online tools and keep those tools completely free.

We believe that the Internet is the most powerful tool in human history for ordinary people to make positive change in communities large and small. 2012 is the year that we prove it together.

Scroll down to see some of the amazing victories we won together in 2011 -- and be sure to enable images.
You can also see the highlights on this web page.

Ben Rattray
Founder, Change.org
and 800 more victories


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