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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bustards-Don't let these birds disappear forever!

Don't let these birds disappear forever!
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Less than 30 Great Indian Bustards are left in Kutch, Gujarat and this might be our last chance to save them.

This famous bird was once widespread throughout India and was even a close contender to become the National bird. Now there are hardly any left due to the loss of habitat and poaching.  In 2011, they were listed as a critically endangered and will be extinct in a few years. Unless we act now!

Kedar Gore from Corbett Foundation started this urgent campaign urging the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi to conserve their habitat and save the Great Indian Bustard from extinction.

Do sign the petition to protect our natural heritage http://www.change.org/petitions/save-the-indian-bustard-campaign

Kutch harbours the second highest breeding population for this majestic bird. Habitat loss due to unplanned industrialisation and agricultural encroachment has resulted in a drastic decline in the population of the species.

Kedar is asking the Gujarat CM to increase the protection for the Great Indian Bustard. The bird can be saved by a few simple steps:
- Declare the areas in Kutch where bustards are found as Protected Area
- Stop encroachment and remove existing encroachment where bustards have been sighted.
- Proper management of the area before the next breeding season has to be started on urgent ground. 
If Kedar can get many signatures on his petition he will be able to showcase the support in the media. This will also add to the pressure on the CM to take action.

Let’s get Narendra Modi to take action. Do sign and share the petition  http://www.change.org/petitions/save-the-indian-bustard-campaign

Thanks for taking action

Surendran and the Change.org team

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