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Friday, February 24, 2012

Triple violation of an innocent woman

Dear friends across India,

A woman in Kolkata was raped and then abused by the police and the state's Chief Minister. Let's take a stand now on behalf of this victim and all the women in India who face violent assaults. Sign the petition asking the CM to publicly apologise, punish the police and ensure safety for women:
Last week, a mother of two was raped at gunpoint in Kolkata and then dumped on the roadside bloodied. When she went to the police for help they jeered at her and then the Chief Minister shamefully stated the victim was just playing politics. Only a national outcry now can turn the tide on violence and intimidation against women across India.

This disgraceful treatment of a rape victim is not a one off -- India is the world's third worst country for rape cases, and most women are afraid to report what has happened to them. If we all now rally behind this victim and make it a national political issue, we could get the police reform we need.

In the last few days the Kolkata police have made arrests, but one of the attackers is still free and the Chief Minister has not withdrawn her remarks. Let's all call on CM Mamata Banerjee to apologize publicly, punish the errant police officers and demand a national police reform to improve safety for women. Sign the petition now and send it to everyone:


After the 37 year old was raped on her way home, she was reluctant to come forward to report the crime. When she decided to seek justice she was verbally abused by two male police officers who questioned her morals and mocked her. The investigation then froze when the Chief Minister of the state, Mamata Banerjee, openly ridiculed her and the commissioner of police claimed that it was an attempt to malign the police and the government.

The victim then took justice into her own hands, scanning social networking sites to find her attackers. She took their photos to the investigating cops who again rubbished her claim. But this brave victim did not give up -- she went to the media to bring her case directly to citizens across the country. This pressure exerted by one woman is already making waves -- two of the police officers have been suspended and some arrests made.

If we pile in to support this innocent woman in her struggle to get justice against massive official odds we can begin the fight back against the violence and intimidation faced by women across India every day. Sign the petition now, and tell everyone:


A progressive society is defined by the way it treats women. Let's act together to stand with the victim and ensure justice is done.

With hope,

Alex, Shibayan, Alice, Shivendra, Benjamin, Ricken, Kya and all of us at Avaaz


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