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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dead dolphins-Tell Amazon.com to ban the sale of dolphin and whale meat on its sites worldwide

Tell Amazon.com to ban the sale of dolphin and whale meat on its sites worldwide
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Last week, public outcry forced Amazon.com to pull over one hundred whale and dolphin meat products from its Japanese site. Consumers were outraged that the world's largest online retailer supported the killing of whales and dolphins -- and Amazon.com listened.
But now, Amazon.com is refusing to put a permanent ban in place to protect these animals in the future.
Melissa Sehgal, an Amazon.com customer, is in Taiji, Japan -- the site of an annual dolphin hunt that was exposed in the documentary The Cove. Every day she is witnessing how dolphins are captured and killed, and she wants Amazon.com to help stop it. That's why Melissa started a petition calling on Amazon to never again sell meat from dolphins and whales.
Tens of thousands of dolphins, whales and porpoises are captured and killed for their meat every year in Japan. The method by which they are killed is gruesome. "Rods are hammered into (dolphins) spinal cords to paralyze them," Melissa says. "And then they are dragged by their tails to the butcher house."
But Amazon.com has responded positively and quickly to consumer feedback before. Melissa also knows that further action from the online retailer could impact the trade in dolphin and whale meat since hunts are happening right now. Without an official policy, Amazon.com could start selling whale and dolphin meat again at any time.
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- Pulin and the Change.org team

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