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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tell Congress: DREAM big

Amnesty International
Make the DREAM Act come true for young immigrants in the U.S.

For 11 long years, Congress has debated the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, a bipartisan bill that offers a path to citizenship for young immigrants.

The DREAM Act protects responsible young adults from the constant threat of deportation and removes barriers to their rights to work and education. President Obama has promised to sign the bill into law.

The DREAM Act has sparked hostile opposition from an emboldened anti-immigrant movement that has fueled a spate of dangerous and xenophobic laws that trample immigrants' rights and jeopardize the rights of minority and indigenous communities.

As supporters of human rights, it's up to us to stand strong in the face of these attacks and secure this important reform to our immigration system.

Urge Congress to pass the DREAM Act without delay.

All immigrants, irrespective of their legal status, or which side of the border they are on, have human rights. Yet -- as documented in Amnesty's new report, In Hostile Terrain: Human Rights Violations in Immigrant Enforcement in the U.S. Southwest -- those rights are under threat from federal, state and local authorities.

Our research shows a pervasive view among law enforcement officials of all immigrants as criminals -- even when immigrants are victims of crime, such as survivors of trafficking and domestic violence. Raped then deported?
It happens so often that many immigrants don't even report these crimes.

Passing the DREAM Act is a small but important step towards a fair and just approach to U.S. immigration policy reform. As anti-immigrant fervor reaches a fever pitch, we're counting on people like you to speak up in support of U.S. immigration policy that respects human rights.

Let 2012 be the year we finally secure the DREAMers' future. Urge your members of Congress to vote "Yes" for the DREAM Act.

In solidarity,

Tanuka Loha
Director, Immigrants' Rights are Human Rights Campaign
Amnesty International USA

PS - To learn more about our new Immigrants' Rights are Human Rights Campaign and read the report in full, visit www.amnestyusa.org/immigrantsrights.

  It's time. Pass the DREAM Act.

Your action today could make all the difference for young immigrants tomorrow. Stand up for human rights -- urge Congress to vote "Yes" on the DREAM Act.

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